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Where to incorporate a business in Europe? Why you should open a company in Czech Republic

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Where to open company in Europe? Which country has lowest taxation in EU? Which Country is the best in EU to start an  international business?  If you want to know the answers of this questions, it might be CR. The Czech Republic is a well-developed country in Central Europe with its social market economy. It employs well-educated workers and is close to Western Europe. In addition to its economy, the country is known for its consistently high human development index and enormous standard of living, a decent income per capita, and a universal health care system. The Czech economy is quite diverse, with its GDP primarily generated by industry (namely, cars and energy), services and the agricultural sector. It is also active in trade and commerce, mainly with the European Union.

The Czech Republic is a member of the Schengen country and is a member of important international organizations such as the European Union, the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The country has a long-standing scientific and innovative tradition, with the institutions of the Czech Academy of Sciences, such as the humanities, and the recipient of applied research.

Main Advantages of Czechia in terms of Starting International Business in EU

  • Investment in transport and logistics, especially due to its proximity to consumption and production zones, is particularly suitable for the central part of the Czech Republic, which is close to European industrial life.
  • The Czech Republic includes an educated workforce and modern infrastructure, making it an attractive place for foreign firms trying to grow their businesses in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).
  • As a member of the European Union, any company in the Czech Republic enjoys the country’s trade relations and commercial connections with most of the world’s business centers. In addition, the country is threatened by most of the trade cargo.
  • The country has high living standards, energetic energy and a visually appealing landscape as a whole.

For further, I will be listing the advantages of starting a company in CR for each of the company types a little bit later in a blog.

What legal form to choose to start a business in Czech Republic

In order to open offshore company in CR, legal entity can select one of the legal forms, so they are:

A general partnership in the Czech Republic is a type of company that can consist of at least 2 individuals operating on behalf of a common business in the market. They are jointly and severally liable for the performance of the company’s debts or liabilities, with personal capabilities. To form a general partnership in the Czech Republic, no  minimum capital is required.

A limited partnership in the Czech Republic is nearly same to a general partnership CR, besides that it has two kinds of partners: the first is, general members – who are responsible for fulfilling the company’s debts and obligations, and the second, limited members – who are responsible only for investing their capital. In the company as defined in the articles of the Partnership Association.

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Czech Republic is a legal entity in which shareholders bear limited liability for business, ie. They are not responsible for the company’s obligations and liabilities with the company’s personal capabilities. Ltd. can create one owner, and the minimum capital of its establishment is only CZK 1. This type of company is the most common legal machine used by foreigners to set up a business in the Czech Republic. It is suitable for both production and trade.

The costs of Limited Liability company formation In CR

Expenditure on the creation of a limited liability company has fallen sharply in recent years, mainly as a result of a change in court fees that allowed a limited liability company to be registered in a company register, as well as a notary, without regular corporate fees, about € 250. , That the charter of the company’s association includes only the mandatory requirements established by law.

This has significantly contributed to the reduction in the total cost of incorporation of the Limited Liability Company in the Czech Republic, although the above-mentioned normative terms in the Association’s articles can sometimes be quite limited – especially if the founders want to prepare the Association’s articles.

A joint stock company in CR is a company owned by shareholders. Its creation is possible by any founder, but the minimum registered capital required for its formation is 2 million CZK (approximately 77,000 euros). A joint stock company in the Czech Republic is suitable for shareholders looking to increase their capital or list their company on the Prague Stock Exchange (PSE).

The costs of Joint stock company formation in CR

Joint Stock Company Incorporation will be substantially higher at the expense of the limited liability company and in most cases will range from 1,500 to 2,000 euros. However, sometimes it will be necessary to invest in a joint stock company, because it offers many features that a limited liability company cannot provide.

The purpose of the business behind the cooperative in Czech Republic is the certain social or economic well-being of its members who are not personally responsible for the debts and liabilities of the company. The minimum number of members required to settle a cooperative is 3, not a minimum prerequisite for initial capital.

A branch office in Czech Republic may be established by a foreign company trying to open a permanent establishment in the country. Since the branch is not considered a legal entity, its mother is separated from the company, the latter is responsible for its activities and duties.

The representative office is authorized only to conduct market research or to develop the business of its parent company. He is authorized not to engage in business activities or to sign contracts. In the Czech Republic, a representative is treated the same as a branch; So the former tax filing norms are the same.

Incorporation procedure in the Czech Republic

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  • Involvement of business in the Czech Republic begins with the drafting of normative documents, a stage known as establishment. The incorporation documents of a Czech company may vary, based on the chosen legal entity. Typically, businesses are united on the basis of a memorandum; However, in the case of a limited liability company, it is also necessary to prepare a notarial act.
  • The notarial deed is drawn up and signed in the Czech Republic, before the notary, a procedure that requires payment of a fee. Fees for notarial proceedings are set by the Minister of Justice from 1961 to 2001, at the notary’s rate.
  • After preparing the incorporation documents, the company must register with local institutions. The first institution where a company has to register is the Commercial Registry, the main body that keeps records with all companies registered in the Czech Republic. The institution operates under the registration courts and investors will also need to pay court fees when filling out an application for registration.
  • Please note that an application for registration in a commercial register must be made within a maximum of six months from the date of signing of the corporate documents. If not, the normative documents will no longer be considered in accordance with local law. After the founders submitted the documents to the Commercial Registry and after the institute registered this document, several procedures had to be completed.
  • Thus, from the day the company is recognized by the Commercial Register, investors must register with the company in the District Social Protection Administration (provided that the company has employees) for a maximum of eight days. The same period is also used in local health insurance companies. Longer time is possible to register with Czech tax authorities – 15 days. A group of our specialists in the offshore union can help with advice on tax registration procedures.

Tax Rates in the Czech Republic

The tax policy in the Czech Republic is similar to that in other EU countries. But professional services, goods, accounting, lawyers, virtual office, etc. It is very valuable. We will be happy to take care of your accounting needs or help you with the services you require.

The VAT rate is 21%, the corporate tax rate is 19%, and the personal income tax rate is 15% in the Czech Republic.

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