In this day and age online services are advanced as also you know. More and more people take advantage of remote services. Most of the businessmen couldn’t manage time for visiting other countries and conducting formalities, so here we go, we offer investors our consulting services to contribute them to make it maximally easy to start European business. Just for reasonable prices we take your power of attorney and accompany all the procedures imposed you. In this blog you will be able to see the general characterize of Company Registration online in the Czech Republic, must know things about CR, Taxation system in the Czech Republic, Steps for how to register business online, easiest legal form and documentations required. One of our purpose is to give success to our service costumers, so do not miss, hurry up!

Company Registration Online in the Czech Republic

       Are you looking for a stable venture economically and politically for your investment in EU zone? or suitable law and legislation system on business somewhere? you really are on the right place, stay tuned and continue reading up. As you might have guessed from the beginning, the Czech Republic is part of the European Union and is situated in the center of EU. It has a well-developed infrastructure and services with its stable political and economical systems. The capital of the Czech Republic is the historically and culturally famous around the world –  Prague. The Czech Republic is one of the best places to start a business in Europe. The Czech Republic attracts foreign investors due to its unique location in the world, contributing business activities and potentially low salaries of its employees. Besides, like the most EU countries you will be able to register a company online in the Czech Republic, remote services is advantageous for most of you as because it saves your precious time & energy.

online company formation in the Czech Republic

Before we directly move on to the main topic, let’s make a little  impression about Czech Republic by seeing the video below 🙂

Taxation system in the Czech Republic

   All of the companies registered in the Czech Republic are liable for corporate income tax. It will be payable on the basis of capital gains and total taxable income. Czech accounting law requires the tax base to be calculated by the profit / loss financial statements it provides. The income tax for the corporation is 19%, but investment funds, unit funds and pension funds have only a 5% income tax. Czech law allows taxpayers to change their accounting period from a calendar year to a fiscal year and, conversely, notify the tax authority. Here are some questions to keep in mind when it comes to forming a company in the Czech Republic. For furthermore information see our previous blog regarding Taxation system in the Czech Republic.

taxation system in Czech Republic

What is the easiest Legal form for Startup company?

    A Limited Liability Company (the same called – S.R.O.) is the most common and chosen type of business entity, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Shareholders are not liable for the obligations of the company as their contributions are paid in full and are registered in the commercial register. The S.R.O. is liable for breach of obligations with all its assets. It is simple process to register your offshore company in the Czech Republic at the National Court of Register, but in order to prevent some risks related to paperwork we are open to assist any kind of requirement from you. Find your offshore company formation agent!

    Here also should be mentioned that the registered capital is usually around CZK 200,000 (approximately USD 9,700), however, it is possible to form a company with one member and 1 CZK contribution (USD 0.05), but it is recommended to set the SRO at at least CZK 1,000 (US $ 50) . The registered amount is fully usable and should not be left in the account. 

How to Register Business Online

Step 1

We will prepare for you POA. All you need to do is Legalize or Apostille and send to us original copies

Step 2

We will translate, legalize and notarize it in the Czech Republic.

Step 3

Company Registration Completion. We will prepare all the documentation and register company in the Czech Republic on your name. You will be 100% founder and director of company.

What Are the Documents Required for Company Formation Procedure?

   In order to align the application process line, provide us with all the necessary documentation and enable our professionals to expedite the registered incorporation. Required documents must be in English or accompanied by a certified English translation.

The documents required for the formation of a company in the Czech Republic are:

  • Notarized copy of the certified passport (one copy for each owner, director, beneficiary owner, or authorized signatory)
  • Proof of residential address dated in the last 3 months (for example: Utility tax: one copy for each shareholder, director, beneficiary owner, or authorized signatory)
  • Notarized copy of the bank statement (for each shareholder, director, benefit holder, authorized signatory)
  • Vitae Training Program (CV) (for each director and shareholder)
  • If the shareholders and / or directors are legal entities, they are obliged to present a complete set of documents of the certified company. If the company has been operating for more than one year, a good level certificate must be submitted.
  • You must submit three different company names to take advantage
  • Paid capital

It takes about 7-10 days to form a company in the Czech Republic after we have received all the necessary documents 🙂 .

Company Formation Attorneys

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